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Joseph Sparkes Joe Sparkes Art Artwork

With a background in illustration and an established curiosity for a variety of analogue processes, my practice is continuously moving; moulded by ever expanding interests and the requirements of the stories I’m sharing.

At its core, my work documents story and archives memory, a tool for considered reflection and improved mindfulness. Often referencing personal experiences, but sometimes found ones too, the work I make is about recording and reflecting on the moments in life that you unconsciously bookmark.

I try not to search for projects, instead relying on organic reactions to daily events, sharing the stories I feel greatest connection with in any particular moment, allowing the mundane to become significant and the everyday become unique.

With traditional crafts demanding the patience and time suited to honest and considered reflection, I regularly look to bookbinding, film photography and printmaking to explore within a creative, meditative state and gradually realise narratives.

Whilst contining to explore these processes, I remain welcoming of distractions and inspiration that may lead towards alternative, potentially more appropriate or exciting methods of archiving memories and sharing my work.

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