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Bespoke Pet Portraiture - Available from £95

Preserve a memory and celebrate a friend with a bespoke hand drawn portrait, carefully crafted to capture the character of your companion. The perfect gift, made for you to enjoy and cherish.

Further information

Further Informaton - Pencil

To commission a portrait please get in touch.

Send an email to or complete the contact form below and I can provide you with all the necessary information needed to proceed, including;

• Pricing variations (typically size or subject based, starting from £95)

• Reference photo specifications

• Payment and delivery dates

• FAQs

If you have an idea for something a little different, perhaps for a wedding or special occasion, or if you need something in a rush, please let me know, I can accommodate a turn-around based on your needs.

Hello! I'll reply to your message as soon as I can.

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